Video Golf Instructions featuring Greg Graham

Greg Graham and

Showing you how to improve your game.

The Swing Plane

End of the club points at the ball.

The Clubface Position

Stop hooking and slicing.

The Angle of Approach

Not too steep, not too wide.

The Golf Divot

Make it in front of the ball.

How to stop slicing the golf ball by understanding how grip and shoulder action, in relation to the shoulder position, effect the spin on the ball and produce the slice.

Deals with two points to stop shanking the ball and a drill to immediately correct your swing.

How to use the trick of the pros to putt great every time.

While contrary to many magazines, the toe up postion doesn't work. Greg covers the body postion during the club swing.

How to properly use your hand to gain optimum speed, very little effort and make the ball fly straight.

How to pitch the golf ball to the green by using an abbreviated full swing.

Greg explains what it means to keep the club in the middle of the body.

How to stop hitting the ball fat or behind the ball. Emphasis on proper leg action during the swing.

Describes the absolute easiest way to get out of the bunker.

The Ball Flight Laws will tell you what you are getting right or wrong in your golf swing.

Lesson describes how to add 20 more yards to all the clubs in your bag and to swing the club easier.

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