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New Virtual Golf 3-Screen Surround Simulator

The Ultimate High Def Golf Experience

The New Virtual Golf 3-Screen Surround Simulator has been launched and is setting a new standard in the industry. The three projection images are blended together seamlessly, giving an enhanced gaming experience. This is truly the most advanced golf simulator ever produced.

The Surround Simulator features 3 high quality digital projectors, an ultra wide projected strike screen and enhanced control system. The golfer's view is fully immersed within the golf course environment.

Custom Layout and Design

The new Virtual Golf 3 Screen Surround Simulator has been especially designed to be custom fitted into any reasonable sized room. The projection strike screen is custom manufactured to exact requirements. Your specific room dimensions will determine the exact location of the 3 projectors and the screen curvature.

The VirtualGolf Simulator

The Virtual Golf Simulator is ready for you. True to Virtual Golf exacting standards, this simulator is designed to bring the highest level game play indoors. Our golf simulator software is currently, and will continue to be the world's most advanced indoor golf simulator software around. Using the very latest golf simulator technology, every possible feature of any golf course in the world can be reproduced on our golf simulators.

Virtual Golf is proud to announce that our GPS software is now the most accurate in the world.

Already recognized as the best simulator software in the world, with the best course library of over 138 golf courses, the Virtual Golf Simulator now includes revolutionary technology that uses innovative 3-D high-speed cameras to accurately track the golf ball through the air, reproducing true ball flight.

Golfers will be astounded by the accuracy and quality of game play. Virtual Golf’s Surround Simulator uses three seamless projected images to enhance the golfer's experience. Our state-of-the-art SXGA+ projectors, with a 1400 x 1050 resolution, create image quality unmatched in the industry, making Virtual Golf the most realistic golf simulator available today.

In addition, Virtual Golf is dedicated to continually enhancing the GPS Simulation Engine free of charge.

See more about the Virtual Golf Systems 3D High Speed Camera Technology

Custom Club Fitting

Accurate custom club fitting can only be achieved by using performance information to establish which shaft, weight and design of club is the most suitable for the golfer. Virtual Golf helps take the guesswork out of the process.

Club head speed, ball velocity, golf swing path, club face position at impact, strike point on the club face, and ball spin are only a few of the measurements provided by the Virtual Golf Analyzer and Club Fitting Program.

Main Analysis WindowClub Analysis Window

Using a range of trial clubs, or even clubs off the shelf in a retail store, data is gathered and compared to help determine which club is most suitable for the golfer. Data can also be directly compared with the golfer's existing clubs.

The easy-to-use Virtual Golf Club Fitting Program is adaptable to a variety of needs. For the professional club fitter, it provides the detailed range of facts required to make a made-to-measure club. Or the local golf shop can get the basic facts to help select a suitable club from their stock.

Both our one screen and three screen simulators include:

  • GPS Golf Course Software
  • 2 High Speed Cameras
  • Enclosure
  • Impact Screen
  • Putting Surface
  • Hitting Mat
  • Sand/Rough Mat
  • Lighting System
  • PC/Monitor
  • Projector
  • Speaker system
  • Custom Club Fitting

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