Virtual Golf Analysis

Golf Swing Analysis Features

  • Ball Velocity
  • Club Speed
  • Impact Point
  • Club Comparison
  • 180 Hole Practice
  • Longest Drive Feature
  • Carry
  • Swing Path
  • Tempo
  • 16 Languages
  • Color Printing
  • Nearest The Pin Feature
  • Distance
  • Club Face Angle
  • Club Fitting
  • Ball Comparison
  • Golfer Database
  • Golfer's History

Receive immediate feedback on every shot

This is the most comprehensive swing analyzer program ever written for the golf industry. Plus, significant enhancements are added regularly as we create custom versions for corporate clients. Linked in with a Virtual Golf Swing Analyzer, data can be examined to find the best club and ball performance of any club and ball manufactured today. This program is the perfect assessment tool for a golf club, golf academy, driving range, or golf retailer when used with indoor golf simulators.

Shot ArcUsed by The Bellfry

When a Virtual Golf Simulator is installed at a golf club, it allows members to practice indoor golf on their own course by inserting their own course images into the software program. "Practice makes perfect," and practicing some of the "bogey holes" will instill confidence for the next time the golfer plays that intimidating shot. It can be used by members for golf swing analysis and by the professional for group and individual lessons, especially when using a digital swing analysis system. While the pro is teaching on the course, the pro shop can maximize equipment sales with accurate custom club fitting and ball analysis.

Custom Club Fitting

Accurate custom club fitting can only be achieved by using performance information to establish which shaft, weight and design of club is the most suitable for the golfer. Virtual Golf helps take the guesswork out of the process.

Club head speed, ball velocity, golf swing path, club face position at impact, strike point on the club face, and ball spin are only a few of the measurements provided by the Virtual Golf Analyzer and Club Fitting Program.

Main Analysis WindowClub Analysis Window

Using a range of trial clubs, or even clubs off the shelf in a retail store, data is gathered and compared to help determine which club is most suitable for the golfer. Data can also be directly compared with the golfer's existing clubs.

The easy-to-use Virtual Golf Club Fitting Program is adaptable to a variety of needs. For the professional club fitter, it provides the detailed range of facts required to make a made-to-measure club. Or the local golf shop can get the basic facts to help select a suitable club from their stock.

Golf Ball Analysis

Virtual golf is the first company to produce a ball analysis program which will enable golfers to determine which golf ball will suit their game and current equipment. It's all very well paying a lot of money for a top quality ball, but if the golfer's performance cannot match the ball, then it could be money wasted.

To achieve your maximum distance, you must be able to generate ball speed off the club head. Being able to compress the ball to its maximum potential is critical; therefore, it's vital to know which compression and makeup of ball suits your abilities. Use too high or low compression for the golfer's potential then distance will be lost.

Ball AnalysisClub Fitting

Tournament players will generate a speed in excess of 130 mph with a driver, while the average club golfer will reach speeds of between 70 mph and 105 mph. Thus, all golfers should consider what type and compression of ball will optimize their individual game.

By using the Virtual Golf Fitting Program, finding the right specification of club to suit the golfer is made much easier. With the Virtual Golf Ball Analysis Program, the actual speed of ball is measured off the club head to precisely determine the right product for the golfer.

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