Why Virtual Golf?

Largest Course Selection

Largest Golf Course Selection
Featuring over 138 tournament courses, including the majority of the US PGA Tour and European Tour courses, as well as renowned courses from around the world.

Advanced Technology

Most Advanced Technology
With our GPS simulator engine, Virtual Golf offers the most sophisticated and accurate simulator systems in the industry.

3D High Speed Camera Technology

Professional Analysis

Professional Golf Analysis
The foremost program for custom club fitting, shot tracking and analysis and club performance feedback.

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Virtual Golf features over 138 tournament tournament courses on a state of the art digital golf simulator system.
Virtual Golf golf simulators are some of the most sophisticated and accurate indoor golf simulator systems in the industry.
Virtual Golf is proud to announce that our GPS software is now the most accurate in the world making Virtual Golf Simulators one of the best indoor golf simulators available.
3D High Speed Camera Technology on every system makes for the most realistic virtual golf game playing experience to achieve realistic ball flight, vertical launch angle, horizonal launch angle, ball velocity, shot detection, flight time, shot height, carry, distance, side spin, back spin, swing path, club face angle, putting velocity and putting direction.
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